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Our Story

Providing a comprehensive curriculum to serve the spiritual, educational, developmental and social needs of your child from a Christian worldview.

Educational Philosophy

We believe in serving each child’s individual needs. We spend the time to gain rapport with each of our students in order to understand their viewpoints on life, past educational experiences, spirituality, social and family background. Our belief is that by earning our student’s trust, they will excel in their learning and feel confident to ask questions and share when they feel frustrated or do not understand.  We want to insure that each child will reach their potential by providing an individual educational plan, as governed by the state of Texas requirements of essential academic skills. 

We believe education is a lifetime search for truth.  While we filter all curriculum through a Biblical lens, we use a mix of both secular and Biblical resources in the classroom.  We believe this approach better equips our students to function in society today, rather than “insulating” them from, and not preparing them for, the world as it is today.

We are unapologetically a Christian school, but we do not require a statement of faith.  We are a very inclusive family environment with a diverse student and family population.

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